The group of companies "KMG-Security" as the subject of security guard activities in the market of security services of the Republic Kazakhstan has been operating since 2000 and provides a comprehensive safety of objects of oil and gas sector.

2001 - by Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 26 September 2001 No. 1240, the organization and provision of integrated security of the facilities in the oil and gas industry as well as of legal entities and individuals whose activities are related to the said industry was entrusted to the specially established for that purpose closed joint-stock company (CJSC) «Semser».

2002 - branch offices of CJSC «Semser» were opened in 11 (eleven) oblasts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2005 - CJSC «Semser» was transformed into joint-stock company (JSC) «Semser», 100% shares of which are owned by JSC «Trade House «KazMunaiGaz».

2006 - the subsidiary company «Semser-Ort sondirushi» was established as a legal successor of the sectoral fire-prevention service of JSC «Semser».

2007 - the issue of safety in the oil and gas industry acquires great importance. The sole shareholder of Semser is JSC «NC «KazMunaiGaz».

2008 - JSC «Semser» was transformed into «Semser Security» LLP. The sole shareholder is JSC «NC «KazMunaiGaz».

2014 - by the decision of Sole Participant the business name "Semser-Security" LLP was changed to "KMG-Security"  LLP given membership in KazMunaiGas NC JSC Group.

We were entrusted to ensure their safety

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